Swimming Pool Reopening

We are very excited to announce that we are looking to restart swimming at Chillesford on 12th April.

To enable us to offer a COVID-19 safe environment we have needed to modify the way we do some things, critically this includes ensuring that swimming groups are made up of people who come from the same bubble, as described, and amended from time to time, by the Government.

We have also needed to update our Terms and Conditions, all swimmers/groups new to swimming at Chillesford Lodge will need to familiarise themselves with our revised Terms and Conditions of Hire, please read them very carefully and ensure that you can comply.

There has been a significant study on risk associated with swimming pools and Covid-19. The conclusion being that the risk is negligible on account of the chlorinated environment and air management systems which replenish fresh air into the pool room. We operate to the Swim England Guidance and therefore the most dangerous areas of possible virus transmission are in the changing rooms. It is essential that all swimmers comply with the one way system and arrive “beach ready”, only accessing their allocated changing room AFTER they have swum in the pool. That way there is at least a 40 minute gap between each group in that changing room. For all those that need to use the disabled loo/changing room especial care must be taken in the changing room corridor so that 2 metre distancing is observed at all times. Everywhere outside the pool room, the wearing of masks is recommended. To keep everyone as safe as possible timekeeping will be crucial. Even if you arrive late, your group must exit the pool on the hour or half hour as booked.

The safety of everyone relies on people adhering to new ways of doing things, and we look forward to welcoming you back to the pool.