Fact or Fiction !

Last week a dutiful and diligent member of the public dialled 999 having mistaken the superb Laurence Edwards’ bronze, A Thousand Tides, as a dead body. This monumental piece lies on the edge of the saltings at the top of Butley Creek and is only visible at low water.

Laurence used to work from his studio on the upper west bank and this enormous one and a half life size bronze man is a legacy thank you to the acres of reed bed and glittering creek landscape that had inspired his creative genius for over a decade. It lies in the heart of a nature reserve protected with seven environmental designations. In fact its not possible to see this sculpture from the public footpath, so maybe the good Samaritan who dialled 999 was in the air? A place where dimensions are often distorted by distance. Luckily the three emergency services which responded on the ground quickly established fact from fiction.

We too are lucky, we farm to the low water mark on the east side of Butley Creek, this beautiful bronze is a daily treat for all those that live at Chillesford Lodge and know where to find it!